Barong Tagalog General Care Instructions

 Washing (Hand Wash Only)

1. Submerge the barong in a mild detergent solution. Gently agitate the solution with your hand to further distribute soap molecules. Take it up and down several times to let the solution flow through the fabric.

2. For a cocoon or a jusi barong, you can use a soft brush (if necessary) to gently remove stains and visible dirt particularly on the collar, underneath the cuffs, and armholes. For a piña, piña-silk, or abaca barong, brushing is not recommended. Just apply more detergent on the area with visible dirt. Submerge it in the detergent solution and take it up and down continuously or splash with detergent solution continuously until the dirt disappears.

3. Rinse it well using clean water. Do not squeeze or twist when rinsing.

4. Hang it in a plastic round edge hanger and drip dry.

 Ironing / Pressing  

1. Damp the fabric using a wet towel or a spray.

2. Press over the damp area using a low heat setting. If the low heat setting doesn't work well, gradually increase it until it becomes effective. Repeat all over until all the wrinkles disappear.

Important notes:

Never press on high heat as it can damage the barong. To minimize the risk of damaging it, you can place a piece of cloth or a handkerchief between the barong and the iron.

 Tips for Storing Barongs

1. To prolong the life of your barong, make sure it's clean and dry before storing.

2. Hang it in a suit hanger or a round edge hanger.

3. Cover it with a cloth garment bag that allows air to flow and store in a cool and dry place.