Barong shopping for a special event in your life may seem challenging, but with a good understanding of the basics, you'll enjoy exploring your options and making your choices more personal.

As the most important man on your wedding day, it’s just appropriate that you dress sharply to make yourself distinct from all the other men who are celebrating with you. You can achieve a distinct look in a Barong Tagalog by playing on the different distinctive attributes to match your theme and your style and personal taste.

Classic Barong vs. Coat Barong

The classic barong is a popular choice due to its traditional style and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of social events and settings compared to the more formal coat barong. A classic barong made from fabric in its natural color pairs best with dark-colored pants, such as black, dark gray, brown, or blue. However, for beach weddings, light-colored pants like pale khaki or light gray can be a stylish match for a classic barong. With a coat barong, pants in dark or light colors, like beige, cream, or even white, can make a great combination.

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The Perfect Fabric

The barong fabric will greatly affect your entire look. Therefore, identifying the attributes that are most important to you will help you in finding the perfect fabric. The choices vary widely in terms of fibers, weave, colors, and other characteristic properties that can come out as a result of addition of decorative features. If you have a very specific requirements and unsure of which fabric to choose, let us know and we’ll gladly help you.

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Character in Design Style

Design style is about the embroidery design layout and the areas and panels it covers. This is another way of adding a splash of individuality to your barong.

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The Embroidery Design

Choose from our selection of pre-designed patterns, make some tweaks, or have us create a design that will tell your story.

The Construction Style

Style options are available to match your personal preferences.

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Now that you know the basics, the last thing that you have to do once the above specifications are set is to have yourself measured. To learn more about our measurement requirements, please click here.

If you’re the groom and you need to find barongs for your groomsmen, you have to decide whether you want to wear the same as them or stand out from them. You can always play on the different distinctive attributes to achieve your objective. As long as you know the basics, everything will be easy.