Our custom barong tailoring is among the best, and we've made the process of getting measured easy for you, eliminating the need for a tailor.

You can have a family member or friend take your measurements by following our instructions. However, people may interpret measurement instructions differently, which is why we ask for measurement photos.

Using photos as a reference in determining the final measurements has challenges that's why we request three (3) sets of photos. Below are the sets of photos we need from you to guarantee a perfect fit:

1. Photos of Your Body Measurements. Measure following our body measurement instructions. Each photo must show the tape measure with a clear and readable end-to-end measurement figures.
2. Photos of You Wearing a Dress Shirt (Full Body). Wear your favorite dress shirt (or any long sleeve shirt /polo shirt) untucked with a buttoned collar and have your front, rear, and side photos taken.
3. Photos of Your Dress Shirt’s Measurements. Lay your shirt flat and measure following our dress shirt measurement instructions. Each photo must show the tape measure with a clear and readable end-to-end measurement figures.

It's important to note that our products have distinct attributes and are crafted with care, which can be time-consuming. In particular, hand-embroidered pieces require a considerable amount of time to make. To ensure a proper fit, it's essential to provide us with complete measurement photos that adhere to our instructions and illustrations..

Although we strictly follow our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to crop or cover your face for added privacy.

Please use WeTransfer to send your photos, files, or folders of up to 2GB directly from your pc or mobile device to support@lpec.com.ph.

We Carefully Review the Measurements

Our process of getting the final measurements for a tailor-made barong goes beyond simply adding room for ease to the body measurements. We conduct a series of assessments to derive the final measurements. In addition to body measurement photos, we also ask for photos in a dress shirt to analyze how it drapes on the body. The three (3) sets of photos we request allow us to get the correct measurements and create the best possible tailor-made barong for you.

Fitting Sample

A fitting sample is a garment that we make using the measurements that we derive from the measurement and photo submission of a customer. It is used to identify any fit issues and correct any potential errors in the pattern before the cutting stage. This approach can significantly reduce, and possibly even eliminate, the need for repairs or remakes, which means our customers can have peace of mind about the fit not going as planned.

We offer a complimentary fitting sample for the following categories:

1. Pieces made of piña fabric
2. Pieces that feature intricate thread work
3. Classic barongs with non-standard cuts
4. Coat barongs 
5. Orders that meet specific conditions

There's no additional charge for the fitting sample for the items listed above except for the cost of overseas shipping. The overseas shipping cost ranges from USD 18-120, CAD 24-150, AUD 26-158, GBP 15-88, or EUR 17-105, depending on the destination and quantity. You're not required to return the fitting sample after use. Instead, we'll ask you to provide feedback and pictures/videos with the fitting sample.

When you order an item that's not on the list mentioned above, you have the option to request a fitting sample for an additional cost of PHP 890.00 (approximately USD 16; CAD 21; AUD 23; GBP 13; EUR 16) per fitting sample. If your shipping address is overseas, the cost of the express shipping will also be charged to your account.

Orders Without Measurement Photos

If it's not possible for you to provide us with measurement photos, we can still accept an order for a CLASSIC barong. However, please note that our perfect fit guarantee will not cover this type of order.

A COAT barong is more complex and time-consuming to make than a classic barong. To ensure that the finished product fits well and avoid the need for repair or remake, we provide a fitting sample for customers to try on. To derive the measurements for the fitting sample, we use the three (3) sets of photos listed above. If we don't have these photos, there’s a high likelihood that the fitting sample won't fit properly, and this would make the calculations for adjustments challenging. For this reason, we REQUIRE measurement photos before accepting an order for a coat barong.

Without measurement photos, we discourage you to place an order for the following items because repairs and remakes are not always possible depending on the circumstances specific to an order:

1. A piece made of piña - delicate and rare; has supply issues
2. A piece with intricate thread work - delicate and the work is time-consuming 
3. Classic barong with a non-standard cut - has adjustments in the standard pattern; requires fitting to ensure adequate fit and proper drape

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