Our custom tailoring remains one of the best in custom barong tailoring. In lieu of getting yourself measured onsite, we’ve made getting measured easy without the need for a tailor. Anyone in your household or a friend can take your measurements by following our instructions. Since every person has his own unique ways of executing our instructions, we don't rely on figures alone. We need to see the photos (with the tape measure showing the end to end measurements) to check if the measurements are done correctly. Below are the sets of photos that we need from you to guarantee a perfect fit:

Measurement Requirements

1. Photos of Your Body Measurements. Each photo must show the tape measure with visible end-to-end measurement figures. Please follow our body measurement instructions.

2. Photos of You Wearing a Dress Shirt (Full Body). Wear your favorite dress shirt (or any long sleeve shirt /polo shirt) untucked with a buttoned collar and have your front, rear, and side photos taken.

3. Photos of Your Dress Shirt’s Measurements. Lay your shirt flat and measure following our dress shirt measurement instructions. Each photo must show the tape measure with visible end-to-end measurement figures.


If nobody is available to help you take your body measurements, providing just your photos in your dress shirt (requirement #2) and the photos of the shirt’s measurements (requirement #3) will do.

It's of vital importance that the measurement figures are clear and readable so please double check your photos before sending to us. 

Please take note that our products have unique characteristics and crafting them takes a significant amount of time particularly those that are hand-embroidered. Therefore, it's vitally important that you provide us with complete measurement figures and photos that follow our instructions and the manner they are illustrated to lessen the likelihood of us not getting the proper fit.

Although we strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to crop or cover your face for added privacy.

Please use WeTransfer to send your photos, files, or folders of up to 2GB directly from your pc or mobile device to support@lpec.com.ph.


We Carefully Review Your Measurements

We don't just add allowances based on the measurements that our clients provide. We conduct a series of assessments to derive the final measurements. Aside from the body measurements, we require your photos in your favorite dress shirt in lieu of actual fitting. With the photos wearing the dress shirt, we can already see your body type and the garment drape while the shirt's measurements (along with your body measurements) will be used to calculate the adjustments. Rest assured that you’re getting the best tailor-made barong from us. 


Coat Barong Fitting Sample

When you order a coat barong or a similar item with a slightly different construction style, you’ll receive a fitting sample that you can try on. It’s a piece of garment constructed using the initial barong pattern derived from your measurement submission. There’s no need to send it back to us. We’ll just require you to send some photos and comments. With this process, you’ll be able provide your feedback before we cut and construct the final piece.

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