Barong Design Terms

Our designs are classified into three types that can be combined to create a style that may or may not conform to a regular form or structure.

Design Types


A classic design is a representation of reality. Its elements are derived from real objects that are interpreted using classic stitches. It is usually complemented by calado, the interlaced stitches done only by hand.


An ethnic design is a representation using ethnic motifs and patterns indigenous to a community or tribal culture. The design utilizes lines and shapes to depict abstract motifs and patterns using ethnic stitches. 


A geometric design is an abstraction that utilizes geometric forms that are interpreted using classic stitches. It may or may not be complemented by calado, the interlaced stitches done only by hand.

Design Styles


Pechera is a statement of plain simplicity with restrained embellishments. Substantial embellishments are on the front panel with scattered minor embellishments on the sleeves and back panel. A typical design starts on the chest area down surrounding the placket making symmetrical forms following a U, I, or V form. Asymmetrical restrained embellishments also fall in this category.


Raya is a midway between extremes with moderate embellishments. Substantial embellishments are extended from the front panel to the sleeves and the back panel. It may or may not conform to a regular or formal structure or shape.

All Over (Full Calado)

All over is a statement of sophistication with extreme embellishments. The embellishments can cover the entirety of the front panel only (Front All Over) or both the front and back panels as well as the sleeves (Full All Over). 

Design Forms


Ideal for half-open barongs


Ideal for full-open barongs


Ideal for half-open barongs


Ideal for half-open or full-open barongs

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