Construction Styles

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Look sharp and confident with the following construction style options that will make you truly connect with your personal style.

Classic Barong Center Front Opening Styles


This is the classic center front style. Putting the barong on requires some effort because you have to pull it down as you wear to position properly. This style is appropriate for "U," "V," and some special design forms.


This center front style with buttons all the way down the front is selected by quite a few who want to put the barong on with less effort. This style is appropriate for "I" and some "special" design forms.

Classic Barong Collar Styles

Regular Pointed

Classic Barong Cuff Styles

One-Button Round
One-Button Square
French Round

Cufflinks are not provided.

French Square

Cufflinks are not provided.

Classic Barong Button Styles

Mother of Pearl
Black Enamel

Coat Barong Quarter Styles

Spread-Apart (Open)
Straight-Down (Closed)