Making Your Barong Shopping a Whole Lot Easier and Enjoyable

We bring you a fuss-free and a risk-free means of acquiring high-quality artisanal Barong Tagalog pieces. From ready-to-wear to custom-made from the ground up, we have a solution for you. We offer barongs without intermediaries and can therefore deliver high-quality pieces directly to you at a unique price. With us, you’ll have an easy and effortless barong shopping. 

Perfect Fit Guarantee

If the fit isn't perfect, alterations are complimentary or alternatively, we'll remake your barong FREE of charge (custom-made barongs only).  Learn More >>

Free Returns

Returns of ready-made items within 7 days receive a full refund subject to our Return Policy.

Free Domestic Shipping

Free shipping across the Philippines.

Fast Worldwide Shipping

We ship anywhere in 3-5 business days. Overseas shipping rates available at checkout.

Products That Will Make You Look Pleasingly Graceful and Impressive

Piña All-Over Calado (Callado) Barong Tagalog
Classic Barong

A must-have item of the Filipino men’s wardrobe, our classic barong, with its classic sheer fabric that's complemented by a tailor-made Camisa de Chino (undershirt that's designed to be worn untucked), will dress you with refinement. Our classic barong offering stands out for its range of choice materials, neat cut and trim, and sophisticated details.  Product Features >>

Coat Barong
Coat Barong

With a construction style somewhat similar to a suit jacket or coat, our Coat Barong (also called Barong Suit), will make you stand out with a modern look. We use Chinese collar and cover buttons as standard construction style details. The style of the quarters or the two flaps that meet at the lowermost button depends on your preference whether spread-apart (open) or straight-down (closed).  Product Features >>

Choose a Solution that's Right for You


If you don't have the luxury of time to choose every detail or if you're not particularly interested in spending the time and money on tailor-made barongs, then this solution is perfect for you.  [Currently Not Available]

Custom Barong
Customize Using a Ready-Made Material

Using a material that’s ready for cutting and tailoring, you can have a tailor-made barong in a short time. Your barong will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks depending on the production queues.  [Currently Not Available]

Barong Tagalog Drawing
Customize from the Ground Up

This is ideal for highly personalized orders that can't be addressed by readily available solutions. We have prepared a list of steps to walk you through on how to order using this solution.  How it Works >>

Take Advantage of the Finest Materials, Beautiful Designs, and the Most Exacting Attention to Detail

Barong Tagalog Fabrics
Choice Materials

By using only the choicest of materials that we select based on aesthetic and technical qualities, we allow you to appreciate and take advantage of the most prized barong materials available.

Barong Tagalog Design
Beautiful Designs

Our embroidery designs are carefully selected. Each design is executed using thread work styles that are meticulously chosen to make each barong strikingly beautiful and impressive.

Authentic Craftsmanship
Authentic Craftsmanship

Our antique methods involve sophisticated tasks that are done by highly skilled craftsmen who are capable of handcrafting barongs that display intricate workmanship.

Crafted To Make You Stand Out Without Trying Hard

Each barong that we make is more than a piece of garment. It’s a work of art, handmade by select artisan craftsmen. You’ll find that it’s marked by delicate composition and artistry. It doesn't scream to grab attention but you’ll find people noticing it. Wearing it will always draw out a feeling of confidence and a quality of refinement in thoughts, manners, and taste.

Our Promise

We have an innate regard to quality and aesthetics. We’re obsessed. And with a strong desire to excel in our trade of providing a down-to-earth means of acquiring high-quality embroidered Filipino artisanal products, we always stay true to ourselves and to our mission of providing products that will make you look and feel your best. Our products are unique, tasteful, and proud with a high regard to the degree of skills with which they are created. They are widely admired but they are not right for everyone. For some of you, they are excellent and delightful in all respects. And yes, we're proud of that.

We Truly Care About Your Freedom, Peace of Mind, and Time

Enjoy More Freedom.
Enjoy More Freedom.

Start off from scratch and create a barong that tells a story or get inspired by our exclusive ready-to-order designs. With carefully selected materials, a broad range of curated designs and an array of style options, you can easily make selections and set preferences that are unique only to you. 

Have a Worry-Free Shopping.
Have a Worry-Free Shopping.

Our barongs are handmade under strict quality control. When you follow our measurement instructions and requirements, your custom-made barong should fit perfectly. If the fit isn't perfect, alterations are complimentary. If it requires more significant adjustments, we'll remake it - free of charge. Your purchase is completely risk-free. It means no worries.  Learn More >>

Barong Tagalog Online
Feel More in Control of Your Purchase.

Even if you don’t know a thing about the distinctive attributes of a Barong Tagalog, finding the one that best suits you will be effortless because we educate our customers. And with our guarantee and proven system of handling remote orders, you can conveniently evaluate options and make the best buying decisions right in the comfort of your own home on your own time without the fear of getting an inferior product.  Learn More >>

Have More Time for Things that Matter
Have More Time for Things that Matter

We know you’re busy and have other important matters to attend to that’s why we work hard to give you quality information, freedom of choice, flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind with our guarantee. With us, you’ll save a substantial amount of time and effort in evaluating your options and in placing and monitoring your order. It means more time for things that matter.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. Here’s What Our Customers Say..

Mark | Australia
Mark | Australia

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your help and guidance leading through such a hectic time in our lives (me and my wife to be). Your assistance has made this experience seamless and at the same time pleasurable. The barong is magnificent! 

David | Ireland
David | Ireland

Their customer service is outstanding. I emailed them over 80 times throughout the hold thing and very quick to respond. Everybody at the wedding was nearly commenting more about the Barong, then my wife's dress. The attention to detail was incredible. I'd definitely recommend Heritage Barong for your wedding attire. Great value for money.

Celeste | Canada
Celeste | Canada

The Barong came today. It fits perfectly! Thank you for all you have done to make this happen. I’ll send you proper photos from the wedding for better visual. I cannot thank you enough for working to get our order sorted. Your customer service and orientation is outstanding! Keep up the great work. We are so happy, thank you!

Mark | USA
Mark | USA

First and foremost, thank you! Everything went really smooth. You were one of the best suppliers we had during our wedding preps. Very responsive, helpful, and informative. We really appreciated your effort.