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Are you looking for a finely crafted custom Barong Tagalog? Well, look no further. We're among the pioneers in Barong Tagalog manufacturing in Lumban, Laguna with over 60 years of experience in barong making. We've already mastered our craft and with confidence, we can create a fine barong that will perfectly embody your uniqueness. We don't compromise on quality and we make sure that your barong conforms to your body so you feel better and look better. Simply knowing that your barong is of a high quality can make you more confident leaving you with no worries about yourself. This will allow you to focus more on the people around you as you create lasting memories with them.

We've long been providing a wide range of services to direct customers online with the bulk of local transactions coming from Metro Manila and with the bulk of international transactions coming from the United States.

Save Your Time and Effort

When you work with us, you're pretty much guaranteed to get something.

Each barong that we produce is meticulously embellished with our highly acclaimed fine thread works done by hand. Before we cut and sew your actual barong material, we first create a fit prototype that you can try on. This way we can make the necessary adjustments and make sure that your barong will fit exactly how you want with ease and comfort. (Due to the additional shipping fee for overseas postage, the fit prototype is optional if your shipping address is outside of the Philippines.)

The whole process is done without you leaving the confines of your home. No need to go out and no need to waste your time and effort on traveling to buy on-premise.

We're here to help you all the way.

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Two Ways to Get Measured

You don't need a tailor or a seamstress to get measured. All you have to do is to follow our instructions on how to get your body measurements. If you have a well-fitting dress shirt, we can use its measurements as reference instead of your body measurements.

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Choose "third-party" if you want to have your material cut and sewn by a trusted tailor near you or choose "in-house" and provide your measurements to us following our measurements guide.


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Barong Tagalog for Groom

When you have to wear the same outfit as any man on your big day, it's important that you find a way to stand out.

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The Wedding Barong Organizer

A finely crafted custom barong is the ultimate gift you can give to each member of your entourage as it can be worn long after the wedding day. Save your hard-earned money and your precious time with the value and the modern convenience that we bring you in dressing your entire wedding entourage. Learn more...

Heritage Barong

What Our Customers Say

Mark / Legazpi City

"I never had a hard time organizing the barongs for my wedding considering that my sponsors and groomsmen were from different locations in the province, Manila, and abroad. I personally selected the designs and bought the barongs and had my sponsors and groomsmen provide their respective measurements directly to Heritage Barong. The next thing I know, their barongs are already with them. No sweat!"

Ana / Cebu City

"I spent a considerable amount of time finding the perfect barong for my fiancée who is working overseas but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was lucky to have been told by a friend about Heritage Barong. Their products and services are awesome. Thank you Heritage Barong for being so nice in accommodating my request for enhancements. The barong came out better than expected."

Patrick / Makati City

"I bought a jusi barong from a mall three years ago. I went back to upgrade to a piña barong that I would wear to a company function but the available barongs did not appeal to me more so when I considered the price. My office mate recommended Heritage Barong and immediately my problem was solved. Bought a ready-made fabric and had it done by a nearby tailor. Better value and quality than those you can find in the malls."

Ken / Muntinlupa City

"My taste in barong was heavily influenced by my dad who is very meticulous. Our barongs are Lumban-made and I can say that the embroideries are really nice and intricately done. Due to a damage in the collar, I had to replace my barong. Thanks to Heritage Barong! I had my new barong without exerting too much effort in finding a good one."

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