If your custom-made barong isn't perfect, don't worry. Please get in touch with us within ten (10) days of receiving your order to inform us that your barong will require adjustments and provide photos of you in your barong so that we can check and confirm the fitting issue.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee Covers All Custom-Orders with the Following:

1. The three (3) sets of photos found on our custom fit page. Each set must be complete and in accordance with the instructions relevant to each set.

2. If the order has a fitting sample, the photos/videos with the fitting sample must be in accordance with the instructions provided in the email the customer receives before the fitting sample delivery.

Notes: These measurement photos/videos are absolutely necessary to determine the final measurements. Without these, there's no way for us to validate the measurements. Therefore, it's vitally important that you provide us with complete sets of photos.


1. Have your barong altered by your local tailor. Send us a photo of the receipt showing the alterations done, and we'll provide you with a refund of up to PHP 2,500 (around USD 45) for a classic barong and up to PHP 5,000 (around USD 90) for a coat barong.

2. If the alteration cost exceeds our alteration allowance or your local tailor can't do the required alterations, we'll replace your barong with a new one - FREE of charge. 

It means no worries.

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