How to Iron a Barong Tagalog

1. Damp the fabric using a wet towel or a spray.

2. Press over the damp area on low iron setting. If the low iron setting doesn't work well, gradually increase it until it becomes effective. Repeat all over until all the wrinkles disappear.

Important notes:

Never press on high iron setting because the heat can damage the barong. To minimize the risk of damaging it, place a pressing cloth (a piece of cloth or a handkerchief) on top of the barong.

If the barong has calado, the thread work similar to lace, always use a pressing cloth as the tip of the iron may snag the delicate thread work.

For a coat barong, you'll need a sleeve ironing board in order to iron an entire sleeve without causing a crease. If you don't have a sleeve ironing board, use a rolled towel and slip it inside the sleeve.

You can steam a barong. However, if you want a crisp look and feel, ironing is recommended.

How to Steam a Barong Tagalog

1. Turn the steamer on and allow it to warm up.

2. When the steamer is already emitting a steady flow of steam, hold it at an appropriate distance and start running it over the barong. Avoid making direct contact with the material.

3. To achieve and maintain the proper shape of the collar, place it on a hard surface and apply pressure around it.

4. The sleeves of a coat barong require special care because each sleeve has two parts - the under sleeve and the top sleeve. To achieve a flawless finish, steam the under sleeve first before steaming the top sleeve.

5. Once done, let it hang and leave it to dry.

6. Turn the steamer off. Unplug it and pour out the remaining water before storing it.

Important note:

If washing and ironing your barong at home takes time and talent or if you want to avoid harming it, taking it to a professional dry cleaner is the best option.

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