Custom Order Lead Time

The fulfillment time depends on the following:

1. Order specs
2. Quantity
3. Production queues when the detailed quote is prepared
4. Quote's validity period – This can be days or weeks up to a month depending on the delivery date that you’ll set or depending on the exact date of use.

The average fulfillment time is two (2) months. This can take longer depending on the factors listed above. Since order slots are limited, please consider having a lead time of three (3) months for your order to have a higher chance of being accepted. If you plan to order an item with FULL all-over calado - this has all-over calado on all the panels, please consider having a lead time of five (5) months.

Please note that there's another lead time to consider – The perfect fit guarantee lead time.

Order Fulfillment Lead Time – from the date of order confirmation to the date of delivery

Perfect Fit Guarantee Lead Time – from the date of delivery to the date of use

We do our best to get the perfect measurements with measurement photos, fitting samples, and our knowledge of body profiles and measurement proportions. However, we acknowledge that inadvertent human errors, such as slips and lapses, can occur. We take the risk by offering a perfect fit guarantee that covers all custom orders with complete measurement photos. The recommended execution lead time is two (2) months (from the date of delivery to the date of use) to allow for ample time for you to collect and report feedback on the fit and for your local tailor to execute the repair or for us to execute the remake if necessary. Giving us an amount of time less than the recommended perfect fit guarantee lead time of two (2) months means that you acknowledge the possibility of having inconveniences depending on the amount of time left to execute the perfect fit guarantee when necessary. To learn more, please click here.

When we receive your order with complete details, we’ll get back to you with a detailed quote with a fulfillment cycle time, shipping cost estimate (if the shipping address is overseas), and a spec sheet for you to approve.

The order fulfillment cycle time includes the following:

1. Processing - Within 2 business days of confirming the order
2. Work Order Dispatching - Within a specific period of confirming the order
3. Fitting Sample Delivery - On or before a specific date (when applicable)
4. Fitting Sample Feedback Submission - On or before a specific date (when applicable)
5. Production Completion Time - On or before a specific date
6. Inspection/Packing/Clearance Processing - Approximately 5 business days after production
7. Shipping/Delivery - 1 to 5 business days (local) or 3 to 5 business days (international)