As pioneers in the barong industry hailing from the rural town of Lumban in Laguna, Philippines, we boast seven decades of experience in crafting exceptional barongs. Our mission is to deliver products that will make you look better and make you feel better about yourself. We take considerable time and meticulous care to develop exceptional pieces that preserve our tradition of elaborate embroidery and skilled barong craftsmanship. From the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines, we have long been a trusted source of the finest hand-embroidered barongs proudly worn by Filipinos around the world.

We're Not Just Another Barong Maker

More than passion, we’re driven by something better – Our Purpose. We exist because we want to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and in our society at large. By delivering high-quality Barong Tagalog pieces and a down-to-earth means for acquiring them, we’re able to provide a sustainable livelihood to a dying breed of genuine Filipino artisans. We work hard to give them everything we can to ensure that our heritage, which is essential to our community’s well-being and cultural vitality, is transmitted from one generation to another.

Our Story

Lumban has been producing hand-embroidered products such as table runners and doilies since the early 1950s. Brigida Yasoña-Macalos was one of the pioneers in producing these products that she sold in Escolta and Divisoria in Manila. The incumbent president during that time was Ramon Magsaysay. Wearing barong became his choice making it popular during his term from 1953-1957. The growing popularity of barong during that time led to the expansion of Brigida's business to barong making. This became a booming industry in the rural town of Lumban when former President Ferdinand Marcos designated Barong Tagalog as the "National Attire" in 1975. Since then, it has become an industry in Lumban. 

Teodorico, a godchild of Gloria, one of Brigida's two daughters, grew up as a part of Brigida's family. He married Lolita, the daughter of Brigida's nephew, Fructoso Yasoña, whose wife, Aurora de Luna, was a veteran embroiderer.

Teodorico and Lolita continued the business of providing superior-quality embroidered products. Now, the business is already being managed by their children who endeavor to preserve Lumban’s embroidery and barong-making traditions by promoting hand-embroidered products.