Embroidery Methods

Barong Tagalog Embroidery
Barong Tagalog Embroidery

Our barongs feature elaborate embellishments rooted in generations of tradition. Keeping your preferences at heart, we meticulously choose thread work styles that enhance the distinct decorative details, providing each barong with its individual charm. Our selection of embroidery threads is guided by their technical and aesthetic attributes, ensuring they harmonize seamlessly with the fabric and embroidery technique. As a result, the final products may vary in appearance, color, and texture. These differences are influenced by factors such as the fabric, thread selection, embroidery method, and the distinctive expertise of our skilled artisans.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is a meticulous process that creates a vintage aesthetics. It's done with pure cotton thread that harmonizes seamlessly with high-end fabrics such as piña, piña-silk, and abaca-cotton.

Hand embroidery allows for superior execution of design elements compared to machine embroidery. The delicate details and embossing of designs are skillfully achieved through this technique.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery has two types: hand-guided and computerized. Hand-guided machine embroidery is done by a skilled embroiderer using an embroidery machine, while computerized machine embroidery is done by a machine that's run by a computer program.

If you're looking for a cost-effective and time-efficient method to embellish your barong, machine embroidery is the ideal solution. It's suitable for materials like cocoon, cocoon-piña, jusi, and jusi-piña.

You can elevate the overall visual appeal of your barong by using a combination of hand and machine embroidery techniques.

Combination of Hand and Machine Embroidery

If you're looking for a way to achieve a balance between cost and efficiency while maintaining a commendable aesthetic appeal, we recommend considering machine embroidery paired with calado.

Calado is a handcrafted open thread work similar to lace that adds intricate detail to the embroidery, creating a visually striking effect that can't be achieved with machine embroidery alone.

The Calado

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Calado is a distinctive feature of our Barong Tagalog. This is a well-known Lumban style of embroidery. In this technique, fibers are taken out from the fabric to decrease the fiber count, and the remaining intact fibers are woven into various open thread work patterns. Calado not only adds detail and texture but also creates depth, enhancing the prominence and definition of specific design elements.