Lumban Style of Embroidery

This is where the distinction comes from. We are known because of this one-of-a-kind feature. Our highly acclaimed fine thread works done by hand dramatically add character to each barong that we produce preserving the time-honored tradition of exquisite hand embroidery in Lumban, Laguna. We interpret the most intricate of barong embellishment designs using our broad selection of thread works done by our seasoned embroiderers.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery can vividly interpret barong embellishment designs. It requires an skilled embroiderer and the process is laborious and time consuming making hand-embroidered barong expensive. 

This type of embroidery goes well with the elegant piña fabric, cotton-abaca fabric and cocoon fabric. We also offer this type of embroidery in jusi fabric with ethnic designs only.

Hand & Machine Embroidery

This is a combination of calado (done only by hand) and machine thread works. The calado is what brings life to a barong with this type of embroidery. The machine thread works, on the other hand, make this a cheaper option for hand embroidery.

Since product value is important to us, we DO NOT offer this feature using expensive fabrics such as piña and cotton-abaca.

The Calado

Calado is a distinctive feature of our Barong Tagalog. This is a well known Lumban style of embroidery (Burdang Lumban) in which threads are pulled out from the fabric to reduce the thread count and the remaining intact threads are then stitched up to make intricate lacy designs. Calado is used to elaborate designs by filling up the spaces between solid design elements. 

This method has already been adopted by other embroiderers outside of Lumban but the quality is subpar as the techniques are not preserved.

Some of Our Calado Styles







Some of Our Ethnic Thread Works





EE105 / EE106


Some of Our Classic Thread Works

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