How To Order

Due to the pandemic, we have deferred our production of ready-made items. Custom-made items can be ordered through online consultation. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Request a Quick Quote - Start by requesting a quick quote so you'll have a better idea of the cost. Just provide the quantity and specific product/s by fabric and design style. You can learn more about these specifications by clicking on the related links provided in the quick quote form. Request a Quick Quote
  2. Finalize Your Order Specifications - Check our order form and work on completing the required information. You can download the spreadsheet version and use it to easily organize an order with multiple items. If you need to further consult us to personalize your designs or if you need additional information to finalize your barong specs, please get in touch with us. Learn More About the Customization Options
  3. Send Your Order - When your order form and measurement photos are complete, send them to us via the order form submission link or if you have the spreadsheet version, you may send it directly to your customer service advisor. Send Order
  4. Receive a Detailed Quote - You'll receive a detailed quote with spec sheets, fulfillment timeline, and a reference number within 72 hours of sending your order.
  5. Confirm Your Order - When the detailed quote is accepted, you'll receive an invoice through which you can make a deposit or pay the full amount.
  6. Receive Order Updates - Once you have your system-generated order number, you'll automatically receive a notification from us every time we update your order status in our system until your order is fulfilled.

Onsite consultation is not available until further notice.

 Important Reminder

While we do our best to accommodate all of the custom orders that we receive, there are times when we're left with no option but to refuse to accept an order. This particularly happens when we receive a high volume of orders. So given this likelihood, it will be best to confirm your order at least 3 months before your event to guarantee that appropriate time will be allotted to your order.