How To Order

Currently, we only offer barong customization from the ground up. We'll resume offering ready-made items by the second quarter of 2023. To place a custom order, please follow the steps below:

1. Request a Quick Quote - Start by requesting a quick quote so you'll have a better idea of the cost. Just provide the quantity and specific product/s by fabric and design style. You can learn more about these specifications by clicking on the related links provided in the quick quote form. Request a Quick Quote

2. Set Your Order Specifications - Check our order form and work on completing the required information. You can download the spreadsheet version and use it to easily organize an order of multiple items. If you need to consult us to personalize a design or if you need additional information to finalize your barong specs, please get in touch with us. Learn More About the Customization Options

3. Send Your Order - When your order specs and measurement photos are ready, organize them using our online order form or if you have the spreadsheet version, send it directly to your customer service advisor.

4. Receive a Detailed Quote - You'll receive a detailed quote with a spec sheet for your approval. You'll know everything about your order because every detail is subject to your approval.

5. Confirm Your Order - When the detailed quote and the spec sheet are approved, you'll receive an invoice with a link that will redirect you to the checkout page where you can confirm your order and pay via PayPal, debit/credit card, or bank transfer (online or over-the-counter). .

6. Receive Order Updates - You'll automatically receive an email every time we update your order status in our system until your order is fulfilled.