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Kids' Barongs

Currently, our Kids' Barongs are available only as made-to-order. For your order to be classified as Kid's Barong, the length measurement should not exceed 21 inches.

Kids Height Range (in inches) Barong Length Range (in inches)
28 - 34 12.1 - 15.0
35 - 41 15.1 - 18.0
42 - 48 18.1 - 21.0
For measurements guide, please click here.


Custom-made materials for kids take three (3) to eight (8) weeks depending on the intricacy of designs, type of embroidery (whether pure hand or hand and machine), and production queues. It will take another week for orders with custom tailoring. Please keep our lead time in mind before placing an order. The table below shows the estimated delivery time by main design and embroidery type:

Main Design
Embroidery Type Estimated Delivery Time w/ Custom Tailoring
Pechera Hand and Machine 3-4 Weeks + 1 Week
Pechera Pure Hand  4-5 Weeks + 1 Week
Raya Hand and Machine 5-6 Weeks + 1 Week
Raya Pure Hand  7-8 Weeks + 1 Week
For international delivery time, please check our shipping and delivery section.