How To Take Care Of Your Barong Tagalog

Washing Instructions

1. Prepare a cleansing solution by dissolving mild detergent powder in a basin of water.

2. Dip the barong into the solution. Take it up and down several times to let the solution flow through the fabric.

3. Use a soft toothbrush and rub away to remove stains and visible dirt particularly on the collar, underneath the cuffs, and armholes.

4. Rinse the barong well using clean water. Do not squeeze or twist the barong when rinsing.

5. Hang the barong in a plastic round edge hanger and drip dry with all the buttons in place to maintain its normal shape.


Ironing Instructions

1. Put the iron on a low heat setting.

2. Place the barong over an ironing board to easily press the fabric and eliminate wrinkles effectively.

3. Damp the fabric using a wet towel. The fabric absorbs the moist well in this manner than using a spray.

4. Pass the iron over the damp area for several times until the wrinkles disappear. Repeat this until the whole barong is well ironed. (

(If the low heat setting doesn't work well, gradually increase it to medium until it becomes effective.)