Perfect Fit

A stunning barong should conform to your shape and should not sit too close to the body. The perfect fit should be comfortable with just the right amount of room to let you breathe. 

Below are the key pointers in making sure that your barong fits you perfectly:


1. The collar should hug the neck with just the right space allowance that you'll be able to fit one finger in it.

2. The shoulder should not go lower than the point where your shoulder meets your arm.

3. The armhole should be just right and not too wide to make the sleeves seamless.

4. The sleeve length should come down to the wrist. 

5. The barong length should come to the bottom of your butt. (When in doubt, follow the length of a shirt that has the length you like.)


By wearing a barong that fits you properly, you will be miles ahead of most men. Check our Measurement Guide for a perfect fit.

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