Custom Barong

The overall value of each barong that we produce is greatly affected by the fabric and the type of embroidery whether pure hand or combination of hand and machine thread works. Combining these features with a specific set of design elements can become a little complicated as the fabric and the type of embroidery can complement or can devalue each other. Moreover, there are design elements that can look good when interpreted using hand or machine embroidery and there are design elements that can look awful when interpreted using machine embroidery. With the freedom of creating your own barong, those who are not technical on these matters are prone to making wrong choices that can result in a not so fine barong.

In order to make sure that you only make exceptional choices, we have sorted out the sets of design elements according to fabric and type of embroidery. Select your favorite set of design elements by identifying your preferred fabric first and then your preferred type of embroidery:

Select your preferred Fabric:

Jusi     Cocoon     Cotton-Abaca / Piña-Silk / Pure Piña