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Custom orders from the ground up take five to sixteen (5-16) weeks depending on the intricacy of design, type of embroidery (whether pure hand, hand and machine, or machine) and production queues. Please keep our lead time in mind before placing an order. 

The table below shows the estimated delivery time by design and embroidery styles:

Design Style
Embroidery Style Estimated Delivery Time (Philippines) Estimated Delivery Time (Overseas)
Pechera Hand and Machine 5 to 6 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days
Pechera Pure Hand  7 to 8 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days
Raya Hand and Machine 5 to 6 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days
Raya Pure Hand  9 to 10 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days
Front All Over Pure Hand  11 to 12 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days
Full All Over Pure Hand 14 to 16 Weeks + 3 to 5 Days

This estimate is based on the usual production queues and the actual time it usually takes to send an order from Lumban, Laguna, Philippines to your address. The delivery date cannot be guaranteed, as it is only a calculated estimate.