Create Your Own Barong

Have the freedom to create your own barong by choosing your preferred fabric, fabric color, main design, design pattern, and set of design elements. Options for style and tailor are also available so you can always get the perfect fit and style by having your personalized material cut and sewn by a trusted barong tailor near you or by our own skilled and experienced tailors. 


Custom-made materials take three (3) to sixteen (16) weeks depending on the intricacy of designs, type of embroidery (whether pure hand or hand and machine), and production queues. It will take another week for orders with custom tailoring. Please keep our lead time in mind before placing an order. The table below shows the estimated delivery time by main design and embroidery type:

Main Design
Embroidery Type Estimated Delivery Time w/ Custom Tailoring
Pechera Hand and Machine 3-4 Weeks + 1 Week
Pechera Pure Hand  4-5 Weeks + 1 Week
Raya Hand and Machine 5-6 Weeks + 1 Week
Raya Pure Hand  7-8 Weeks + 1 Week
Front All Over Pure Hand  7-8 Weeks + 1 Week
Full All Over Pure Hand 12-16 Weeks + 1 Week
For international delivery time, please check our shipping and delivery section.