Measurement and Fit

A stunning barong should conform to your shape and should not sit too close or too far to the body. The perfect fit should be comfortable with just the right amount of room to let you breathe. By wearing a barong that fits you properly, you will be miles ahead of most men. 

We have an obsession with fit that's why we carefully assess each client’s measurements to guarantee a perfect fit. In order to do that, we require the following sets of photos:

1. Photo of each relevant body part with the tape measure showing the measurement. Please follow our body measurement instructions.

2. Full body photos wearing an untucked dress shirt (long sleeve button up or down) with a buttoned collar - front, rear, side.

3. Photos of the shirt (used in number two) lying on a flat surface with the tape measure showing each measurement. Please refer to our dress shirt measurement instructions and follow the black arrows shown in the illustrations.

It's of vital importance that the measurement figures are clear and readable so please double check your photos before sending to us. 

Please take note that our products have unique characteristics and crafting them takes a significant amount of time particularly those that are hand-embroidered. Therefore, it's vitally important that you provide us with complete measurement figures and photos that follow our instructions and the manner they are illustrated to lessen the likelihood of us not getting the proper fit.

Although we strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to crop or cover your face for added privacy.

Please use WeTransfer to send your photos, files, or folders of up to 2GB directly from your pc or mobile device to


Perfect Fit Guarantee

If your barong isn't perfect, don't worry. We provide fuss-free solutions to guarantee that you only get the best of your purchase from us - it's completely risk-free. Please notify us within 10 days of receiving your order to inform us that your barong will require adjustments and provide photos of you in your barong so that we can check and confirm the fitting issue.

Please be guided by the following instructions:

1. Have your barong altered by your own local tailor. Send us a photo of the receipt and we'll provide you with a refund of up to PHP 1,500 (USD 30) for a classic barong and up to PHP 5,000 (USD 100) for a coat barong.

2. If the alteration cost will exceed our alteration allowance or if alterations can't be done by your own local tailor, we'll replace it with a new one - FREE of charge. 

It means no worries.

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