Fabric Selection

The most important element in constructing a barong is choosing the perfect fabric. The fabric greatly affects the look of a barong in a way influencing the appearance of the person wearing it. To suit your taste and budget, we offer five (5) fabric options to choose from. Each fabric has its own individual character and charm. Therefore, a wise choice of fabric can result in exquisite fashion that can be carried over into the way you carry yourself. And this, in turn, makes wearing your barong more fun. Get to know each fabric below:

Pure Piña is a transparent fabric made from the fine lustrous fibers derived from the leaves of pineapple plants. When you examine the piña fabric closely, you will notice vertical and horizontal fibers with uneven thickness typical of piña fibers. This is a characteristic that you can look at when making comparisons with other fabrics made from piña and other natural fibers. Extracting piña fibers is laborious and this labor intensive process makes the piña fabric expensive.

The elegant piña fabric is the finest of all Philippine hand-woven fabrics.

Piña-Cotton is a woven fabric from cotton threads and piña fibers and is thicker and less transparent than pure piña fabric. 

This is a less expensive option for pure piña but a more expensive option for piña-silk.

Piña-Silk is a woven fabric from piña and silk fibers. Most barongs labeled as piña in the market are made using this type of fabric. Be careful though when a sales staff claims that a barong's fabric is pure piña. When you examine the piña-silk fabric closely, you will notice vertical fibers (silk) with mostly even thickness intertwined with horizontal fibers (piña) with uneven thickness.

This is a less expensive option for pure piña or piña-cotton fabric. 

Cocoon is a woven fabric from silk with a transparency somewhat similar to that of a piña fabric. Cocoon however, has a white glow as opposed to piña with an elegant yellowish glow. Since aesthetic is important to us, our cocoon fabrics are already enhanced with hand-painted streaks that make the fabric glow like a piña fabric. The enhanced cocoon fabric is called piña-cocoon.

This is a cheaper option for the piña fabric.

Jusi, like cocoon, is also a woven fabric from silk but is less transparent. Like cocoon, jusi has a white glow as opposed to piña with an elegant yellowish glow. Since aesthetic is important to us, our jusi fabrics are already enhanced with hand-painted streaks that make the fabric glow a bit like a piña fabric. The enhanced jusi fabric is called piña-jusi.

This is another cheaper option for the piña fabric.

Fabric Color Schemes Other Than NATURAL COLOR


Monochromatic Upward Fade

Monochromatic Downward Fade

Monochromatic Center Fade

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